Julia Galloway
Utilitarian Pottery

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Julia Galloway
Pitcher, 2011
Porcelain c6 Soda Fire

Searching for Skyline

When I moved to Montana I was startled by how often I looked up and looked out. Some of this is simply because of the natural beauty in the state itself, but also, because the sky line is intoxicating; I look for where the land meets the sky again and again. In January I traveled to Rome and Istanbul and when visiting the most amazing places of worship, the churches and mosque, I was amazed that over and over again, I, looked up! There was some similar vast openness of the Montana sky and the valley of Missoula, and the internal space in the historical churches and mosques. In this exhibition "Searching for Skyline" I incorporated a sense of space and sky line through clouds, horizenlines and arches on the surface my pottery. Utilitarian pottery is still a vehicle for expression of my ideas and convictions, and I hope to bring the skyline right into your dinning room. Through using these objects, a mug, a pitcher, a teapot, we have a new experience of getting nourishment from the landscape of my new homeland.

Photos of work taken by Tom Ferris.

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Julia Galloway
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