Julia Galloway
Utilitarian Pottery

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Crepuscular. adj.: 1. resembling the twilight of morning or evening. 2. of or pertaining to twilight. 3. appearing or active by dawn or twilight, as in the nature of some birds or insects.
LillStreet exhibition, February 2004. I am interested in capturing the nature of morning and evening in my pottery — the times when we are at home and our domestic rituals are most natural. In this exhibition, one part represents dawn, the other side dusk. Inside, where actual physical nourishment goes, contains our days. The act of drinking from an object where morning and evening meet gives me a tremendous sense of ease and wonder. The grids, urban landscapes, and utopia floral patterns on the surface of these utilitarian forms establish structure and mystery, order and secrets. The morning is caught through a crispness, stillness, a potential. The evening is represented through warmth, pattern, and a sense of age or experience.
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Julia Galloway
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