Julia Galloway
Utilitarian Pottery

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cream and sugar set cream and sugar two mugs
cream and sugar double spouted ewer salt and pepper
double spouter ewer double spouted ewer
cream and sugar set
Little Confluence
Con flu ence
1. A flowing together of two or more streams
2. The point of junction of such streams
3. A gathering together, to flow together
Clay Arts exhibition 1998. I am interested in how pottery comes together, how two separate pots join through one idea, how two separate ideas join in one pot. In pottery there is a dual relationship: the relationship between the pots, and the relationship between us and the pottery itself. In a cream and sugar set, the creamer's purpose, or number one job, is to pour out nourishment . . . to pour the most primary nourishment into the world. The purpose of the sugar bowl is to contain sweetness. This blend of ideas, metaphor and utility are of great interest to me. Thank you to the Clay Arts Center for hosting this exhibition and taking a risk on a new and rambunctious potter from Montana.
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Julia Galloway
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