Julia Galloway
Utilitarian Pottery

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cream and sugar cream and sugar tray two tumblers
pitcher teapot teapot
two tumblers


Trax Gallery exhibition 1999. At age 93 my grandmother still writes me letters though I can barely read her writing. She is whispering to me, and though I can not understand the words, I can hear the tenor of her voice. Today I live in a world of fast and generally impersonal communication. Handwriting is still unique expression of self to self. On these pots I am using handwriting as a decorative element, I am not using text. The script across these pots is unreadable on account of the flamboyant letters and lack of breaks between the words. There is nothing that touches our lips as often as a cup, and utilitarian pottery is as intimate in nature as a hand written note or a whisper. Thank you to Sandy Simon and the Trax gallery for making this exhibition possible and for your continual support.
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Julia Galloway
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