Julia Galloway
Utilitarian Pottery

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Julia Galloway - Still Life
Julia Galloway
Cream and Sugar Set with Blue Letters, Talking

Still life / Talking

In this exhibition there are two bodies of work; both are rooted in ideas of communication. Still life depicts communication between and about objects, and talking represents communication of letters, words, and binary code.

Still life: Similar to traditional still life paintings, the objects drawn on the surface of the pottery have a relationship with each other and have specific meaning. Included are items such as an abundance of shiny apples in a basket or two birds squawking at each other in conversation. In these compositions one object leads you to the next, along the walls of the cups down to the bottom, and across to the other side of the cup.

Talking: In the surface decoration on these pots, I am using the alphabet and digital code to represent communication. I am interested in how the letters or numbers come to meet each other across the form, ride up or fall down the sides of the pot, ordered or jumbled, they mirror daily conversations.

Handmade pottery is naturally rich in ideas, metaphor and utility; it seeps into our houses, our kitchens, our rituals and enriches our lives. Through use and decorating the fill our living spaces with character and elegance. For me, pottery is joyous, a reflection of our reality, our fantasy and ourselves; objects of desire and daily life.

Special thanks to AKAR Gallery for their on going support and for hosting this exhibition, Lilly Zuckerman and Chad Stevie for helping me get the exhibition together, and special thanks to Lilly for taking such wonderful photos of the work.

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Julia Galloway
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