Julia Galloway
Utilitarian Pottery

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Julia Galloway

TRAX Gallery Solo Exhibition

I am interested in pottery that is joyous; objects that weave into our daily lives through use. Pottery decorates our living spaces with character and elegance. Teapots celebrate our drinking tea; a pitcher decorates a mantel when not in use; a mug with slight texture inside the handle allows our fingers to discover uniqueness. Pottery is a reflection and celebration of ourselves.

In this recent work, I am interested in making the pottery that is simpler in form and deliciously complicated in surface. I want the layers of inlay, slip and glaze to draw you in; a surface that you can visually swim in. I am creating juxtaposition through a blend of opposites coming together: simple and complex, flat matt and shinny runny glazes, subtle color next to bold.

I am interested in the energy of when things come together and the richness in that. Whether that come from with in the pottery itself: be simple quiet form and complicated runny surface, or through the use of the pot: soft fingers moving around a complicated mug. It is the energy of coming together where I find the great depth and power in pottery.

Special thanks to my friend and mentor, Sandy Simon, for her ferocious loving sprit and dedication to utilitarian pottery as well as to Bob Brady and the Trax Gallery. This exhibition would not have been possible without the tireless labor of my studio helpers, Larry Phan and Kelly Stevenson.

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Julia Galloway
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