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I love talkin’ with you (the language cups)

“I love talkin’ with you” is a collection of five sided cups displayed on small shelves hung on the wall in the shape of a house. Illustrated on these cups are representations of kinds of communication. There are stamped letters inlayed with black slip – bold and clear, this represents publication communication, formal talk. On several sides there is gentle soft script, unreadable, but with a clear sense of personal hand writing, this represents quieter conversations, a whisper or speaking, heads bent. In addition, on the cups are a collection of letters, running down the side of the cups under glaze, and this represents nonverbal communication, communication that is more intuitive and subtle. This piece is made of over fifty cups that hang on small individual shelves and make a shape of a house.

All pottery is made from porcelain clay, fired in a soda kiln to mid-range temperature, cone 6, with blue and black slip using inlay and stamping techniques. A second very low glaze firing using platinum and gold lusters is common. The cups are wheel thrown and altered to be five sided and sit on a small steel shelf. Each cup is about 2.5 x 2.5 x 5 and the installation is about three feet across. 2014