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Sherwood Street (pots from home)

This collection of pottery moves from large pitchers, to smaller pitchers, water ewers, teapots and to small cups. All of these pots where made to pour, used for water, juice, sangria or tea; some kind of liquid that traditionally supported celebration.

On the surface of these pots are drawings of my house – at the beginning of the gallery, we start at the outside of the house, move into the living room, the kitchen and the bedroom. As you move through the gallery, you actually move through my home.

I made many of the drawings, standing in my house, holding the leather heard pot as I drew into the surface (inlay technique), slowly spinning around the room. I made no effort to straighten up my home, out away groceries or shoes, a home is where one lives, comfortable and ones own.

All pottery is made from porcelain clay, fired in a soda kiln to mid-range temperature, cone 6, with blue and black inlay slip of glaze surface decoration. A second very low glaze firing using platinum and gold lusters is common. The pottery is of an average and useful size, cream and sugar sets around 3x4x5 and pitchers 7x8x12. 2016