Julia Galloway
Utilitarian Pottery

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Julia Galloway - Dreaming from Garden to Sky
Julia Galloway
Cream and Sugar Set with Black Clouds, 2012

Dreaming from Garden to Sky

Since moving to Montana, I always look up. This big open space, this big sky, this vibrant skyline look up! So, standing the the garden outside my studio, I look up! Over and over again, and I dream right there, in-between the large open optimistic and ever change sky, to the solid beautiful grounded garden of flowers.

I always wonder, how am I nourished by where I live. From there I think, how can I drink from where I live. I want to eat from these dreams, eat from the garden around my house, how can I drink from these clouds, make tea in these clouds.

This exhibition is a collection of pottery inspired by these ideas. I have included pottery that is to be viewed individually, one on one, and pottery that is to be viewed as a grouping. This grouping of pottery on shelves on the wall, and a series of plates, is displayed this way no to diminish their utilitarian nature. Rather, to help the view understand the ideas behind the work, and take these ideas home with them when they purchase a piece of pottery.

I find utilitarian pottery the best was to express my ideas and yearnings. Handmade utilitarian pottery is naturally so rich in ideas and metaphor, they seep into our houses, our kitchens, and enriches our lives.

Special thank you to Kelly Stevenson, Allegany Meadows, Sam Harvey and Jill Oberman.

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Julia Galloway
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